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Investment in an apartment in the Krkonoše Mountains

Apartments in Špindlerův Mlýn "Pod Zlatým návrším" offer a great option both for your own recreation and for a stable investment. Thanks to commercial rental and our Rentier service, you can earn from your apartment when you are not using it yourself. And what's best, we are located in the unique location of Špindlerův Mlýna, right next to the Labská slope.

Imagine owning a 1+KK or 2+KK apartment that brings you a stable income. But how does it work? Let's look at an example of calculating the annual yield from an apartment at 60% occupancy (i.e. only in the summer and winter seasons):

Let's assume that the annual rent for the apartment is EUR 4 300 (approx. EUR 127 / night)

At 60% occupancy, your income will be EUR 25 400.

The costs associated with the operation of the apartment, including administration, maintenance, and marketing, amount to EUR 8 500 per year. We will provide everything for you as part of the Rentier service. The income after deducting costs is therefore EUR 16 900.


It's just an example, but it shows how you can get an attractive return on your apartment investment. You not only have your finances conveniently stored but also a place for recreation with the possibility of earning.

Calculate the return on your investment

Get back part of the investment when you buy

When buying an apartment through companieswe can achieve savings of 21%. How does it work?


Let's imagine a model example: The apartment that interested you is worth EUR 374 000 incl. VAT.

At 21% VAT, this price can be reduced to EUR 309 090, which is just an imagee difference in the amount of EUR 64 910.

This significant savings when purchasing an apartment by a company will allow you to invest these funds, for example, in the further development of your business.

Špindlerův Mlýn offers you not only beautiful nature and a wide variety of outdoor activities, but also the opportunity to create a stable investment with a high potential for appreciation. We will help you value your investment as part of the Rentier service.

Rentier Service

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive care associated with renting an apartment. Our "all-in-one care" Rentier service package may include the following:

a) Presentation and offering accommodation/property rental to third parties on the website

b) Ensuring presentation on internet servers such as,,, and others.

c) We will take care of communicating with potential guests, answering their questions, and handling their requests.

d) We will take care of financial matters such as the collection of payment for accommodation, deposits, and advances and ensure correct billing.

e) We will ensure proper guest registration and compliance with all local requirements and regulations.

f) We will provide cleaning, washing, and ironing of laundry. After the departure of the guests, we will ensure a thorough cleaning and preparation of the apartment for the next guests.

Investing in the apartment "Pod Zlatým návrším" in Krkonoše Mountains offers you not only the possibility of obtaining a stable income but also professional management, rental, and care of your property.

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