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9 out of 20 apartments remain for sale

Residential apartments in Špindlerův Mlýn

The project "Pod Zlatým návrším" is intended for both own recreation, and for stable investment, thanks to the commercial rental when the owners are not using it. You can calculate the average annual income from an apartment after deducting costs from our calculator. Depends on the apartment selection.


The chalets with residential apartments are located just 50 meters from the chairlift

and the red slopes of Labská with a length of 1,770 meters and boasting a wonderful view of the valley to the Elbe dam. 

Dvojice horských domů

Ohleduplnou rekonstrukcí dvou starých horských chat vznikla dvojice moderních apartmánových domů.


Jsou řešeny jako nízkoenergetické domy vysokého standardu a společnost D.E.E.D. je postavila za přísného dodržení všech technologických postupů během výroby a výstavby.


K dispozici je celkem 20 moderních apartmánů 1+kk a 2+kk o rozloze od 35 do 71 m2.


Krásné apartmány nabízíme jako apartmány 1+kk a apartmány 2+kk se standardizovaným vybavením - kuchyně, dubové podlahy a některé mají balkón.


Ke každému apartmánu náleží sklepní kóje v lyžárně i kolárně a možnost koupě parkovacího stání.


Celkem je k dispozici 6 vnitřních a 13 venkovních stání. 


Following the model of successful projects implemented in alpine resorts in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, the rental will enable the long-term sustainability of a wide range of services and an interesting return on investment when the apartments are not occupied by their owners.


Our operator will help you with the rental, so the owners do not have to worry about service in their absence. Rental income can be expected already after the first year of operation.



A paradise for skiers and tourists

The Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Resort is one of the most famous and most visited winter sports centers in the Czech Republic and rightly bears the epithet "Czech Aspen".

Our cottages are located 50 meters from the 1,770-meter-long Labská chairlift and red slope and boast a wonderful view of the valley to the Labská dam. You can use it and the services of the SKOL MAX ski school, which is less than 100 meters away.


The entire ski area will be connected to Hromovka and Svatý Petr, creating the largest ski resort in the Czech mountains with a total length of 40 km of ski slopes.

Activities in the area

The strategic location of the cottages offers many winter and summer activities. There are ski and cross-country trails in operation for up to 5 months a year.


In the summer months, there are ideal conditions for hiking and mountain biking. In Špindlerův Mlýn you will find, among other things, an aqua park, a bobsleigh track, or a toboggan run.

From the very center of Špindlerův Mlýn, which is approx. 2.5 km from the cottages, you can go on a beautiful trip.


You will also see countless beautiful places on the hiking routes through Horní Mísečky, the Elbe spring, Sněžné jámy, and Labská bouda.


If you go to the southeast, the tourist routes to Výrovka, Friesovy bouda, or the chalet Na Rozcestí lead here.


10 out of 20 apartments left for sale  


Select the purpose of the purchase

The Pod Zlatý návrším cottage project is a unique investment opportunity that will not be repeated.

Secure a stable income, the certainty of a beautiful vacation, or both.



An investment that earns even when you are not in the apartment


At a minimum, the lease can cover normal operating charges.


We will be happy to help you with rental and service. You just ensure availability.


A great investment for companies as a benefit for their employees.


You won't find many similar projects in Krkonoše.



Our operator will provide service and cleaning of your apartment.


The Krkonoše Mountains offer countless possibilities for active and passive relaxation.


Ideal as an investment for a large family. You will have a place where you can meet together.


The Pod Zlatý návrším project is an ideal opportunity to relax in the mountains whenever you want.


It is an investment not only in real estate, but above all in you and your family.

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