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Junior Suite 2BR | 38 m²

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Michal Novotný

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Senior Suite with a balcony with a total area of 38.21 m², also suitable for families with children.

  1. Entrance hall                            2.93 m²

  2. Bathroom                                 6.17 m²

  3. Room with kitchen                  29.57 m²

    Total area                      38.21 m²

About the apartment

After entering the apartment, you will be in the hall by 3 m². In the hall we expect space for a wardrobe. Immediately to the left of the entrance will be the bathroom and opposite the front door the entrance to the living area of the apartment.


The area of the living room with kitchenette will be almost 30 m². The living area is connected to the bedroom and the entire space is oriented to the east. You will have a beautiful view of the Labská slope.


The kitchen will be white with wood decor. The line will be equipped as standard with a dishwasher, hob, microwave and oven, all from the Electrolux brand. In the kitchen, we have space for a small refrigerator with a freezer, which we can supply on request for an additional fee.


Floor heating will be installed under the wooden floor, tiles in the bathroom. The bathroom will be equipped with a large bathtub and fittings from Laufen and Grohe.


You can store skis, ski boots and possibly bicycles in common areas in 1.PP. We count on lockable boxes for skis.

Booking conditions

200 000 Kč

Rezervační záloha při podpisu rezervační smlouvy

(započteme do úhrady kupní ceny)

Doplatek do 100 %

Do 14 dnů od podpisu kupní smlouvy.

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