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Rezervace a kupní smlouva

Interior with

The overall impression of the interior is very important. If a person does not have a feeling for interior design, or is not studied, it is easy to spoil this impression.


For all our clients, we offer the possibility of consultation and interior design with experienced designers from KARE Design.

We will help you with planning and furnishing so that the rooms are perfect and fully meet your expectations.

We will choose the best products together to make your interior look great and be fully functional.

KARE Design is known for its modern and stylish furniture, lighting and accessories that are not only beautiful,

but also practical. As you can see in the photos.

Bonus up to EUR 8 400

We will add up to EUR 8 400 for KARE furniture, decorations and lighting to each apartment.

The amount of the bonus is indicated for each available apartment. Promotion valid until further notice.

Take advantage of our collaboration with KARE Design and their designers to increase your investment.

Rezervace a kupní smlouva
Rezervace a kupní smlouva
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